Oral Presentation Australian Podiatry Conference 2019

Avoid tripping over obesity  (#11)

Gary Wittert 1
  1. Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing, University of Adelaide, Adelaide , SA, Australia

Excessive accumulation of lipid laden adipose tissue has adverse effects on health. These  are due to the mechanical effects of excess body weight, metabolic/inflammatory consequences related to the anatomical distribution of the adipose tissue, concomitant co-morbid conditions, the effects of a range of health-related behaviours and psychosocial factors including stigma. Increased amounts, and more importantly function, of skeletal muscle abrogates the deleterious effects of adipose tissue.

Obesity has been reported to be associated with planus foot posture and when walking- pronated dynamic foot function and increased mid-foot plantar pressures, nonspecific foot pain and plantar heel pain. The amount and distribution of adipose tissue and presence of depression, but not lean mass or BMI have been shown to be independent mediators of obesity related foot pain

Use of podiatry services is significantly increased in people with moderate to severe obesity as compared to those people of healthy weight or mild obesity. Accordingly, podiatrists are well placed not just to manage end organ consequences of obesity and complications of obesity, but also to address the underlying cause and prevent further problems. This presentation will provide some suggestions for how that may be done.